Your attorney isn’t doing his job

This series has previously covered what your attorney should be doing in a personal-injury (PI) case. This article discusses how to deal if your attorney isn’t doing his job. It is always amazing to me how PI attorneys can sit in on a case. Consider it. PI attorneys usually get paid on a fixed fee. They get a percentage from any work they do for you. Your attorney should not leave your case idle. As you can see, overhead expenses aren’t idle. Article source!

Two categories of answers are available: either your attorney has too much to do or is too lazy. The former is definitely better than either the latter, but neither is good.

Here are some steps to take if you suspect an attorney is too busy.

1. Discuss your case with a top PI attorney near you to get an idea of what a real attorney would do.

These consultations almost always come at no cost.

What are the best ways to find top lawyers in your area? You may contact me by phone or email if you prefer. Email me to determine your claim value. Fill out the Claim Calculator below with the 10 questions. I will need your email address to send you details about your case, such as the amount of property damaged, medical bills, and wage loss. I’m able find top attorneys in every state through trial lawyer associations lists-serves or other means. I talk directly with the lawyer about your case and, if he is open to meeting with you, I help you schedule a meeting to discuss your case.

How do I know if an lawyer is one of the top in my area? Simply, he posts his million dollars results right on this website. I find only the best attorneys. Their results speak volumes. An attorney that does not publish their results on the website isn’t proud to show off their achievements. An attorney that has successfully managed your file multiple times and recovered more than a thousand dollars for individual clients can assure you of their expertise. Insurance companies also recognize the importance of a successful attorney’s reputation. A good reputation can make a difference when an insurance company decides whether it will settle for a reasonable sum or just obstruct your lazy attorney from settling for a low-ball amount.

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