You Can Outsource Your Online Education for Just $1.50 a Night!

Let’s jump straight in the water without any floaties. You may have heard of people paying others to complete their online homework or classes. It’s true – it is a very big thing. Before we point fingers and gasp in horror, let us try to walk in hire

Imagine that you are juggling two full-time jobs and a chinchilla, who needs your attention. You decide to take an online course because, why not? If your life wasn’t already chaotic, you could add an online course to the mix. You’re suddenly faced with deadlines and assignments that you find just as exciting as watching paint drying. You start to hear sweet whispers in your ears: “Pay someone else to do it.” “Everyone’s doing this.”

The plot thickens here – this shortcut may seem like a way to fast-forward through your problems. But it’s really more like skipping a movie, and then joining in the conversation about how good it was.

Education isn’t about collecting diplomas like Pokemon cards. It is supposed to be about filling your head with information until it bursts – in a positive way. You miss out on valuable or life-changing knowledge every time you avoid doing your job.

There’s also the issue of honesty. You’re wearing a mask when you hire someone to do your job. Not the cool superhero type, but the kind you will regret because you know deep down that those achievements weren’t yours.

Don’t even get me started about what will happen if everybody starts doing this. If everyone did this, we’d have a bunch professionals who were as clueless when it came to applying what they learned during their training.

Some of you are saying, “But wait!” This isn’t just pointing out flaws within our education system? Yes, I will admit that. Maybe it’s about time that schools started to examine how they teach stuff, and why it seems like so much of it is as irrelevant as learning Morse Code.

What if we offered courses that were more like epic quests, instead of the traditional lectures? What if we instead of memorizing fact faster than a fish forgets it (which is 3 times a day), focused on real-world skill sets?

As we wrap up this chat (yes, I know that no formalities were mentioned but please bear with me), consider twice before giving your login information and your hard-earned money to someone else who will handle your studies. You are not only denying yourself the opportunity to grow personally, but you’re also contributing to an even bigger problem in our education system.

It’s important to remember that while shortcuts may seem appealing, the best way to learn is by taking the long route. It would be great to know what you are talking about when at dinner parties, instead of just nodding and hoping that nobody asks your opinion. Just some food for thought.

You can’t say “Do Not disturb.” You’re right in the middle where memories are waiting to be created.

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