Why multiple eBay accounts should be used

If you are selling on eBay solely for a hobby, to get rid or sell items around your home, loft or garage, this article may not suit you. It is aimed at people who are looking for a second income or a first income through their online selling with eBay. Let’s read more about How to manage multiple eBay accounts?.

One reason you need multiple eBay accounts is to be able purchase items from eBay to resell and earn more profit. If you are searching for a particular item or items, you might find someone who has listed them. They have the end time at some ridiculous hour and bad spellings in their title. So only those with the knowledge to research it would find it. This means that you can find it very inexpensively. I have seen people buying things that were worth a few hundred dollars for a few dollars.

If you want to resell these items, it could be a problem. Other people will see in your feedback that they bought them a few months or days ago for just a few dollars. But if they now ask for hundreds of dollars, it may cause problems. Help is available. You may be able to open another eBay account, one for selling, and one for purchasing.

Most people don’t realize you can have multiple accounts. However, each account will require a unique email address. This can easily be solved by buying your domain name. Once you have purchased your domain, you can create as many email addresses and as many eBay accounts you need.

Another reason to have multiple eBay accounts might be that you want to sell products in two completely different product niches. You can just open another account and it will be simple, fast, easy, and very worthwhile. If you are selling a lot you might find people following your account and asking you questions.

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