Why Is Vacuuming Not An Alternative To Professional Carpet Cleaning

Many homeowners decide to carpet the floors of their homes to add an elegant touch to their living spaces. It is difficult to maintain the new look and feel of carpets over a long period. You must clean your carpets. A dirty carpet not only looks unkempt, but it also affects the room’s hygiene. Check this out!

However, your floor coverings will get dirty from time to time. They become unclean due to regular foot prints, spillages and stains as well the dirt that is in the atmosphere. Vacuuming regularly and using the methods from the kitchen cabinets will never get the job done. To do this, you will need professional assistance.

Here are a couple of points to show that vacuuming cannot replace professional carpet cleaning:

Clean your Carpets of Bacteria, Viruses and Other Germs. You should clean your carpets regularly to keep the room germ free. The germs such as viruses and bacteria can survive on carpets for quite a while, but it’s much more difficult to eliminate them than they are from tiles or wood. Since they are able to penetrate deep into the carpet fibres, regular vacuuming or using chemical cleaners like Lysol and vinegar will never be able to completely remove them. According to research, both viruses and bacteria die best at high temperatures. A professional steam cleaner can use heat effectively and thoroughly clean your carpet.

Get rid of Allergens. Dust, pollens, and pet hair are also common allergens. As your carpet is used, it accumulates allergens that stick to its fibers and get deep into the carpet. The surface dust and dirt are removed by vacuuming, but most antigens remain.

If you want to keep your house free of allergens and their bad effects, hire a professional carpet cleaner at least 12-18 times a year. Do not forget your upholstery and mattress when you have them professionally cleaned.

Get rid of bad smell: Rugs that are contaminated with bacteria and have been for some time, can give off lingering scents. It is more common to find this in houses with children or pets. Vacuuming the carpets in this situation will make little difference. You should hire a professional cleaner to thoroughly clean your carpets to eliminate the unpleasant smells.

Cleans the carpet of any stain: No matter how many precautions you have taken in your normal home, you will never be able to stop it getting stained. Your carpet can get stains from spilled drinks and foods, as well as stains like red wine, ink and pet urine. The vacuuming won’t do much good. The only way to remove such stains is by using hot water extraction, and this can be performed by professional carpet cleaners.

Making your Indoor Air More Hygiene: Particularly, clean carpets have a purifying effect on the indoor air, since they easily trap outside dirt and pollution. But unfortunately this dirt and dust do not remain on the carpet. The germs are spread throughout the house by moving up into the air. A professional carpet cleaning company can deep-clean your carpets, which is the best way to improve your indoor air.

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