Truck Washes And Hot Water Usage Considered

It is a fact that truck cleaning requires hot water to remove grease and oil as well as caked-on dirt and mud recommended reading. However, you can still clean trucks without hotwater by using acidity or high pressure and large volumes. It’s possible to say, like in military aviation: “it all about energy management”. However, I’d argue that this is about the truth. But, it’s also time, labor and cost. Safety and environmental compliance are important too. This multi-faceted decision requires that all factors be considered.

The heat side of the cleaning unit transaction is now. In our truck washes. We like to keep our high pressure hot water units at 160-170. Hot water would be used only for cleaning the undercarriage using the wands. 6.5 GPM @ 2500 to 3000PSI. A man who hits these areas quickly could use 50 gals. Then you just hit the axles, wheelwells, around fuel tanks, rear of car, rear axles, tractor frame, trailer axles and a little bit of the trailer frame. Only really dirty trucks should you exceed 10 minutes on hot water.

In extreme weather conditions, it could take 20 minutes to remove salt from the water. You could use 8 GPM pressure washer to get more water at the same time. However, you would be able to clean your machine faster with more cleaning units. The system could have 200 gallons of water, but it would require you to recycle most of it. Additionally, the water would be easier heated if it was already warm, if not very hot.

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