The Perfect Rug to Clean with Ease!

Rugs are a great way to add comfort and style to any home. They also tend to attract dirt, pet hair, and spills. It’s worth rethinking your rug selection if carpet cleaning in cammeray is something you call more frequently than you want. Yep, that’s right! It is important to consider the type of rug that you buy when choosing how easily it can be cleaned, read here. Read on if you want a stylish rug that is easy to clean, but also don’t compromise style.

1. Material Matters

Diverse materials require different cleaning methods. Wool rugs can be durable and naturally repel stain, however, they require extra care to clean. In contrast, synthetic rugs such as polypropylene or nylon are usually stain-resistant.

2. A Tight Weave is Easy to Clean

It is often easier to clean a rug that has a higher knot count or woven tighter. The fibers will look much cleaner and there are fewer crumbs that can get trapped in the weave.

3. Use darker colors and patterns to play it smart

White rugs are a great choice for a clean look, but they can also attract stains. It’s better to choose darker colors or patterns. The fabrics are able to hide small stains. They also require less cleaning.

4. Easy Cleanup Wins with Low Pile

They may look luxurious but are also more difficult to clean. The longer the fibers, the more dirt and dust will get stuck. In contrast, a low-pile rug or flat-weave is easier to clean and maintain.

5. The Cleaning Label

Many of us overlook this simple step! Be sure to check out the rug’s care instructions prior to purchasing. Check the rug’s cleaning instructions before purchasing.

6. Placement of Rugs is Important

This is not about the choice of rug, but it is worth mentioning. A rug placed in high traffic areas will require more frequent cleaning. Rugs that are both durable and easily cleaned can be used in these high-traffic areas.

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