The Ins and outs of being an SEO specialist: A deep dive into the craft

A master gardener is what you can expect when you become an SEO specialist Martin Hayman. SEO experts understand the right time to optimize pages or change meta tags so that Google will favor their site.

Imagine that everyone at the party is trying to grab your attention. It’s the same thing with your website. You want to be noticed. SEO experts craft your message so it is not just echoed in the void. It reaches you and your audience clearly.

Let’s begin with keywords. They’re like the secret handshakes at an exclusive clubs. If you know what it is, you are in. SEO gurus spend hours researching the magic words. They are not only looking for keywords with a high search volume but also phrases in niches that may bring in visitors who have a strong interest and are prepared to buy or engage.

It’s not just about scattering wildflowers and keywords everywhere. These specialists have to be familiar with HTML and CSS — the skeleton, and the skin, of websites — in order for them to make structural modifications that improve website speed and user experiences. Slowly loading pages are not as attractive as cold coffee. No one wants them.

Link building can be a very important task. This is similar to Hansel leaving breadcrumbs for Gretel in the woods. In place of breadcrumbs we use hyperlinks to reputable sites that tell the search engines: “Hey, look at this page!”

The creation of content cannot be ignored either. A successful SEO specialist will have an eye for good writing or be able recognize it when they see one. Content must be engaging to encourage people to stay and read, to share, to link back, to the website.

The technical audit sounds like it would be boring, but think about it as detective work. Every clue will help to solve the question “Why doesn’t my site rank higher?” The auditing process involves checking broken links and dead ends (digital dead end), as well as ensuring that the site is mobile-responsive (because these days, who doesn’t use their phones to browse? Sites must be secured from hackers, or internet gatekeepers.

The best SEOs also have strong analytical skills. Like meteorologists, they predict trends and adjust their strategies using data analytics tools like Google Analytics. They are constantly monitoring traffic flow, bounce-rates (how quickly visitors leave your site) as well as conversion rates.

It’s part of everyday life to communicate with your clients. Imagine trying explain why investing long-term in organic growth is a better investment than spending a lot on advertising without sounding like an elitist! You need patience and to be able to translate the jargon of technology into “human speak”.

Google updates its algorithm, which is the recipe book used to rank websites. It sends everyone in a panic every once in a while. SEO specialists need to act quickly in these instances, so their clients aren’t wiped off the results of search engines overnight.

It is important to understand people, their online searches, their navigation patterns, and the content that catches their eye. This knowledge can be used to help clients connect with their target audience using digital methods.

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