The Facial Cosmetic Surgeon: Changing Lives Through Appearances

In our culture, we pretend that appearances don’t really matter – that beauty is only superficial. Unfortunately, research after study has disproved this notion helpful hints. It shows that while the philosophy “beauty’s only skin deep” certainly has its place, it is mostly wishful thinking. A facial plastic surgery specialist already knows this. He sees hundreds of patients come to his office, torn by their insecurities. These people do not need a psychiatric professional to help them feel more confident. Their experiences are true. Through a variety procedures and methods, cosmetic surgery has the power to literally change a person’s life.

News reports have highlighted stories of young girls who went to a facial cosmetic surgeon for nose jobs and other modifications in order to feel better about themselves. The public is prone to be horrified by such stories. However, it is not surprising to find them. It’s just another proof that appearances are important in our society. Presuming that they do not exist is counterproductive and fighting them would be the same as trying to combat our own evolution. As many feminists might believe, symmetry, youth and fitness are not simply created by makeup companies to promote consumerism among young girls. These traits are not just a product of our evolution, but also hardwired to our DNA. Each person uses almost subconscious cues in order to find their ideal mate. Women and men that aren’t attractive tend to be at the bottom in the dating world, as well as the social spectrum.

It wasn’t that long ago that there was very little you could do about sagging eyes or a bloated nose. But this is not the case anymore. With the help of facial plastic surgeons, women and men from all over the country can fix these problem areas. In addition to a dramatic improvement in their appearance, patients often experience a boost in self-confidence. Self-confidence is not related to success, according to anyone who has studied psychology or science.

Does this mean everyone should run to their local plastic surgeon as soon as they notice something wrong with their face or body? Not necessarily. Cosmetic surgery, as with any invasive procedure carries some risks. They should be considered carefully. It is best to consult with a doctor you trust and talk with your family and friends about the potential consequences.

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