Take on the furry challenge like a professional!

Do you share your house with a pet dog? Pet ownership is a joy: the purrs from your pet, their wagging tails… and the layers of hair that seem to cover the entire carpet. You can see a tiny furry reminder that your pet is always with you. But fret not! With these carpet cleaning tips from cammeray, you’ll be able to strike the right balance between cuddling with your dog and displaying a clean carpet. Let’s dig in! See the options.

What is the best way to get pet hair out of your carpets? Brushing regularly, then more: Get rid of it from the root! The amount of hair that ends up in your carpet is reduced by regular grooming. Win-win!

Vacuum Magic. Not all vacuums can handle pet hair. You can buy a pet-specific vacuum. The vacuum cleaners have stronger suction, and they come with specialized brushes which can remove even stubborn hairs.

DIY Static Fix: Simple DIY miracles! You can lightly wet your carpet using a solution of water and fabric conditioner before vacuuming. Not only will this attract pet hair to your carpet, it also smells great.

You can use natural fibers for carpet spots. Have you tried using a rubber glove to rub the spot? This may sound strange, but static generated by a vacuum can make pet hairs easier to pick up.

When vacuuming doesn’t work, deep cleaning is necessary, especially when pet hairs have become intertwined in your carpet. Your carpet should be thoroughly cleaned every couple of months. Are you considering carpet cleaning Cammeray services? The professionals will get into the carpet fibers and ensure a flawless finish.

Protecting your carpet is important: After the deep clean, you should consider using a protector. The carpet protector not only makes cleaning the next time easier, it also helps to repel dirt.

Establish Boundaries. If you are up to it, create specific zones where your pets cannot walk on carpet. Perhaps a pet bed is the best option. Or a dedicated play space. This will save your carpet.

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