Steam Clean Carpets: Good, Bad and Steamy

Oh, home maintenance is so much fun! Many homeowners are drawn to the steam method of cleaning carpets, which is available in a variety of ways. Why all the buzz about steam cleaning, and does it work for every type of carpet? What I’ve learned from my experience with carpet cleaning options on the North Shore is that steam cleaning does have its advantages and disadvantages. Unpacking them all together. Share your thoughts.

Benefits of steam cleaning:

1. Deep Cleansing power:

Steam cleaning your carpet is similar to giving it a spa treatment. High-temperature steam is used to penetrate deep into the carpet, eliminating dirt, bacteria and mites that are hidden beneath.

2. Chemical-Free Cleaning:

The eco-conscious homeowners will find steam cleaning a boon. You can avoid harmful chemicals by using only water to turn into vapor.

3. Allergens, Bacteria and Bacteria must be eliminated:

It’s not only great at cleaning but it is also excellent at disinfecting. This method kills allergens as well as mold spores and bacteria.

4. How to Remove Effective Stains

Get rid of that coffee or wine stain. Steam cleaning makes stains vanish like they never existed.

Cons of steam cleaning:

1. Lengthened Drying Time:

Although steam cleaning works, your carpet can remain damp. Your carpet may take 12-24 hours to completely dry, depending on humidity and ventilation.

2. The Potential for Mold Development:

You don’t want mold or mildew to grow in your carpet.

3. Carpets Not All Suitable:

Some carpets may be damaged or shrink, even if they respond to steam cleaning. You should know the carpet type you have before trying to clean it.

4. Maintaining your vehicle regularly is essential

For the best results after a steam-clean and to prevent rapid soiling, it is important that you vacuum regularly and do spot cleaning as soon as possible.

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