Plastic Surgery Personal Story: Your own journey

Oh, no! Plastic surgery? Like that friend who can bring mixed emotions to parties. Some people are fond of telling stories about nips, tickles and other sexy experiences. Others? They’d rather talk about something else, please. Truth: plastic surgery belongs on more than just reality television. People opt for plastic surgery, and there are many reasons why. We need to have a good chat find more.

It’s important to get this one thing right: going through the blade doesn’t mean you’re chasing the fountains or the newest celeb crush. The reasons for going under the knife are all valid. However, there is a second side. Imagine someone that has been through serious health issues, or an accident. Or perhaps they have just delivered a new baby. The person may wish to regain self-confidence and feel more like their old selves.

Next, let’s talk about ethics. People criticize nips & Tucks because it makes people feel inferior for not meeting some airbrushed standards. If you have an Instagram account full of perfectly shaped bodies and flawless faces, it’s easy to think that you need some tweaks. You should have an honest conversation with your physician. They can be both a supporter and a reality-checker.

You can use technology to enhance your looks. This sounds like it’s straight out of sci-fi. 3D-printing of implants? Check. Check. You betcha. We are living in a world where we have greater control of our appearance and healing thanks to technology.

Spider-Man must be commended. We need to be honest with ourselves. Even though it can be tempting to think we’ve achieved perfection by using these new shiny instruments, there are some important questions to ask. What do we wish to achieve? What do we want to achieve? Acceptance? A killer selfie?

Everyone becomes an expert when you mention “plastic surgery”. You may find that the neighbor’s aunt, or her friend, has had plastic surgeries and knows exactly how to proceed. Advice is best taken with a little salt. It is only you who will be on this journey.

Remember that the procedure isn’t cheap and it’s not always easy. The procedure can be complicated, and you might find that your wallet feels lighter. You should research risks and make sure you save money if you are planning on making the jump.

This is the end of this chat. (See how I did that?) Does it matter if you hate or love plastic surgery? It is important that you are comfortable in YOUR skin and that YOU make the changes, not someone else.

Do not hesitate to live life as fully as you can. Whatever it takes, whether that’s undergoing surgery or accepting lines and wrinkles from frowning. Laughing and giggling. If you can, smile whenever you see your reflection. Your sense of humor or your confidence is something that will make you stand out.

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