Odor Treatment After Carpet Cleaning

Imagine that you just finished a thorough carpet cleaning in the northern beaches, leaving behind no dirt. The carpet appears to be almost new. Wait, the smell is still there. What causes this to happen, even when you’ve done a thorough clean? What is the importance of odor removal as a finishing touch? Discover the secrets of aromatics – click for source!

1. Smells and Cleaning – The Science of Smells and Cleaning

In addition to removing dirt, cleaning can inadvertently awaken dormant odors. It’s like waking a sleeping monster. Sometime moisture can cause an unpleasant smell when it mixes with carpet contaminants.

2. After Cleaning Dampness

Even though carpets feel dry, moisture is often trapped within their fibers. The dampness can create a breeding ground for mold and mildew, both of which are bad for the nose.

3. There are stories behind old stains

Remember the little incident Fido had last month or that spilled wine from last Christmas? The stains are gone but their scent can remain. After deep cleaning these ghostly odors may return, necessitating odor treatment.

4. Even cleaning solutions can have residual smells

Some carpet cleaners can be very effective for removing stains but leave behind an odor. Although not necessarily unpleasant, the smell is definitely not what many people want.

5. Maintaining a Clean Sense

Cleanliness is not only about looks; it also involves the way your house feels and smells. A carpet odor treatment will give your home a fresh, clean scent after you’ve spent time and energy on cleaning.

6. Long-Lasting Cleanliness Feelings

The purpose of odor treatments is not only to provide immediate relief. These treatments act as an additional layer of protection, helping to keep future odors at bay and increase the effectiveness of your cleaning sessions.

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