Learn to Paint and Master the Techniques — Choose from a Home Study Oil Painting Course

Our goal is to be able to teach art in all places, including art centers and local colleges. Painting lessons should also be treated with the same care. Consider these factors when looking for an oil-painting class to study at home, learn more here.

Your painting skills level must match this course.

Many painting lessons are geared towards a specific skill level. Certain painting lessons only suit beginners. It is possible that the instructor assumes you know basic painting techniques, like how to clean brushes and how to apply brush strokes. Choose a course at or below your current level. You want to choose a painting course that starts at the intermediate level if you have intermediate skill.

How difficult are the art lessons becoming?

Advertisement claims a good professional painting class takes you from the easiest level to the most difficult. A painting class that jumps from one level of difficulty to another may confuse or bore students who are more advanced. Beginners need to be shown how to load the paintbrush, mix and use a pallet. If a student started with a still life, they would quickly become frustrated. Choose a painting software that lets you work in progressively more difficult levels.

The Painting Course includes DVD video?

It is important that the video used for teaching painting be full length. Short video clips don’t cut it! It is best to use video for acrylic or oil paintings. A short video clip is not enough to teach you anything. If the DVD is low quality, it will only allow for a lower resolution.

The instructor has given clear instructions.

You must be able to grasp the essence of an artist before you can learn about oil painting. It is important that the person explaining things can do so clearly. Poor audio or unclear instructions are unlikely to benefit you.

Is a text book included with this painting class?

A painting workbook will help you learn the basics and become a master. The book will tell you what the lesson is and how to do it. To paint a still-life, you will need to use specific brushes and choose a topic like fruit or flowers in a dish. A painting also requires specific paint colours. It is important to buy a book for the student.

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