How to choose the right commercial flagpole

Flagpoles used for commercial web site purposes can be measured between 30 and 60 feet. They are made mostly from aluminum tubing or one piece.

There might be more than one or three flagpoles depending on how dramatic the display is. You will need enough space between your flagpoles to allow them to wave and for growth in the event that you add larger flags.

There are two types available for flag halyards: pulley or rope systems. An external halyard system is located at the pole’s outside edge. This type rigging involves attaching a flag to a rope. The rope is tied around a truck or wheel to the flagpole. The rope is then wrapped around the flagpole’s clamp to lock it in place. An external halyard can be too simple to cut. This is the problem with security.

An internal halyard can be installed to make your pole safer and more durable. This allows you keep the rope or cable inside the pole. The special winch is found in the door compartment at base of shaft. Consider a revolving pickup to ensure that the flag doesn’t get wrapped around the pole when there is a change in wind direction.

Commercial flagpoles are best made of steel. Steel flagpoles have a strong construction and are easy to maintain.

A bronze alloy is a great choice for a classic look. The majority of bronze alloys can also be used in historical and national architectural projects. This material will begin to darken with age.

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