How to Build Your Pool with No Frills

Sit back and enjoy the ride if you plan to add a pool to your backyard. The journey ahead will be exciting, but I won’t bore you with technical jargon. Extra resources!

Los Angeles isn’t any city. Los Angeles is a unique beast with hills to rival San Francisco’s and regulations that are as strict as skinny jeans of the early 2000s. You’re in for a real adventure when you decide to build your pool here. Not only are you picking out tiles and water elements, but also taking on a whole new level of responsibility.

The process of finding the best crew to create your dream swimming pool is similar to swiping through a dating application. You’ve got many options but not all will be right for you. You’ve got the big-name companies, who can turn out pools quicker than you can say “cannonball!” Other smaller companies treat each job as their magnum opus.

This is where things get spicy: Navigating LA’s building code without wanting to tear your hair out. Imagine trying to solve Rubik’s puzzles blindfolded. That is how it sometimes feels. Fear not, though! But fear not!

Talking about style, Angelenos certainly have it in spades. If you want a pool that is “Hollywood glam”, or if you prefer a Zen retreat, the pool builders of this city are well-versed in all styles. Want to create a pool which plays optical illusions, and appears endless? They’ve gotcha. Ariel might be willing to give up her ocean-side digs if you gave her a good one. No problemo.

And there’s even more! Ever heard about eco friendly pools? You’re right, they exist. California has experienced many droughts. So, having a swimming pool that takes in water instead of guzzling is not just cool, but it’s also kinder to the planet (and you wallet).

The patience part is now the most important. It’s possible that construction will turn your backyard into an archeological dig for a few months. Waiting (and nagging gently) can bring good results.

It’s a whole different ballgame to choose materials. You want clothing that can handle the mood swings in LA – from scorching temperatures to the occasional cool breeze – without looking worse for wear.

Communication is essential during this process. It’s important to have someone in your corner who can keep you up-to-date without making you feel that you need an engineering background to understand the information.

After a few months, or a day, when you get to dive into your pool for the first time, all of those decisions, wait periods, and moments wondering if it would ever be done will vanish faster than icecream on Venice Beach.

Keep in mind: Choose wisely and stay patient. Dream big. There’s nothing better than a backyard oasis to beat the heat. We can all find a place to pause and enjoy the chaos of life. Or, at the very least, don’t fall asleep reading your textbooks. Asking why someone feels that way is better than jumping to our moral high horses. Listening to others is essential for understanding, even if they make us uncomfortable.

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