How long does it take to complete roof repairs?

The size of the building and its square footage are the most important factors in determining the time it will take for a project to be completed. If a building has a square footage of a million feet or more, it will take longer to re-roof than an office, home, or smaller building. More hints?

Most people can expect to have their re-roofing project completed in a few days. Weather permitting, we can re-roof a building of 5,000 square feet in just two days.

It is true that some large roofing contractors can complete a tear-off construction job in a day. However, this may be because there are 50 workers on the site. The roofer you choose should be able handle a tear-off roofing job of 5,000 square feet in two days. That is the average.

Some contractors use a method called “phasing” to complete larger projects. If a large roofing project is required, then only a small portion of the roof will be removed each day.

In a phased project, a portion of the roof will be removed each day in the morning and then re-roofed the following afternoon. The new waterproof seam will be finished at the end of each day. This marks where the work has stopped. Next, work begins by tearing out the new water seam and starting work on the following section of roof.

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