How can you keep your resolve and commit to drug recovery?

It is difficult to break a habit. Addiction can be made more complicated by a physical component.

To make drug recovery a reality, you have to decide to quit using substances, regardless what your thoughts or feelings may tell you. Individual counseling, group support and a sponsor can all help you to overcome addiction, discover more here.

Recognize that your mind is capable of playing tricks on you. Sometimes it will even tell you to give up. It will reveal that you are not able to deal with the emotional pain. You will be able to identify the emotions and thoughts that are trying to get you back on track. Take a moment to think about what it’s like to give into your urges and accept them. The short-term effects of the drug are obvious. Consider how the drug made you feel guilty later on. The effect it had on you and your relationships with those you love.

Avoid drug-abusive environments if you want to keep your resolve strong.

It’s one temptation. These friends should not be friends with people who have been taking prescription medications or using illegal drugs. It’s unsafe to go to clubs and other areas where illegal drugs are sold.

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