How a Car accident lawyer help

Statistics show that the majority of Americans will be involved in at least 1 car accident in their lifetime. For those aged 34 years and younger, car accidents are the leading cause death. This could be due to drunk driving, cell-phone use while behind the wheel, or failure to wear a seatbelt. You may be in an auto accident, no matter the reason.

Keep this in mind as we present 8 Do’s and Don’ts guidelines for victims of an auto accident. These tips are useful if your car is involved in an accident. More help?

4 Dos for Car Accident Victims

1. Seek medical attention if you are seriously injured. Talk to your doctor if you’re feeling unwell. Don’t exaggerate. Do not exaggerate.

2. Your doctor might ask you to come back for a second check. It’s important to follow the doctor’s orders

3. You should have all medical bills billed directly to your health insurance company. But, that is only if the case is resolved. Your health insurance company will pay your medical bills.

4. Take photos of any property damage that your vehicle sustained in an accident.

4 Don’ts to Car Accident Victims

1. You should not make a recording of the events to anyone without first speaking with a car accident lawyer.

2. Do not sign authorizations to release medical records. You must fully understand your rights before giving anyone permission to do any thing.

3. It may seem tempting to post about your accident and injuries on social networking sites. Without the approval of a car accident lawyer, you must not tweet or post on Facebook about what happened in your car accident. You should not give out any information regarding your accident to anyone.

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