Here are 10 tips to help you choose your own disability support

United Response believes in the importance of individual budgets and self-directed assistance as a means of giving people control and choice. Their approach to work has always been centered on providing support that is customized for each individual. This is why they see the natural progression of self-direction, and personal budgets. You can get the best guide on disability support Melbourne.

Many people with a personal budget have amazing stories of taking control of their lives and being creative in how they support their family. Our research has shown us how many people are confused about the process of moving into a new world. Many people tell us they fear managing a budget.

To help bridge the gap and dispel some myths about personalization, they have been working closely with the Voluntary Organisation’s Disability Group to create a “Top Ten TIPS” guide for anyone looking to purchase social support.

This guide is designed to help you find the right support provider for you and answer your questions about how to pay for it.

Ten top tips

1. How do you want to feel supported? What do you prefer – a personal or professional assistant (PA)? You will either hire them through an agency, or directly.

2. Not forget to take note of your first impressions. The first conversation with your support provider is a good indication for future relationships. Are they able to keep their word? Can you reach them when they say they can?

3. You should ask them how they will build your support package. Spend time with your support provider to get to know you and find out what your wishes and needs are. The support provider should create a person-centered plan with you, and you should receive a contract setting out your support.

4. How your support will be monitored and updated. The support provider should conduct an annual review of your support, sometimes called a person-centred review. You should direct this.

5. You should verify the price and details. If there is not mutual agreement, your support provider will confirm the price.

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