Green Wave Impact on Food Industry: Superfoods, Super Fibers

Oh, hemp cannabis! What a great, wonderful plant it is! It’s almost like having a close friend who excels everywhere find out more. Need strong, durable fibers? Hemp fibres are durable and strong. Do you want to learn more? Hemp. Do you want something that calms down your nervous system but won’t make you high like a kite. CBD from Hemp, hello!

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane. Hemp was a popular fabric in earlier times. Hemp ropes allowed explorers and sailors to sail across the seven Seas. The Declaration of Independence and even its first drafts were made of hemp. Hemp paper was used!

A lot of hemp is THC-based, which was the reason it was put in the marijuana category. The hemp plant doesn’t have as much potency as the nonalcoholic eggnog you make with your grandmother. However, it has spent years in legal trouble.

We can now see that hemp is a word with a completely new meaning. Like a scene from a 1980s 80s flick, the laws are always changing.

What is all the fuss about? Sustainability and CBD – two words.

To begin with, hemp would be Mother Nature’s choice. It is like an eco-super hero. This is a plant with a low water consumption. It will not tolerate pesticides or any other chemicals. It grows much faster than my own weeds.

CBD! What an amazing compound. From coffeeshops and Facebook posts of your aunt describing how it helped Fluffy heal her back or get better sleep, this little compound can be found everywhere. Many people believe that CBD works as a relaxant without sending them into a state of cloud nine, even though science is still investigating its effects.

You can’t just navigate by the sound of it. The laws can be as confusing to understand as the last Christmas light. With everyone from hipsters and grandmas jumping on this wave, it can be as difficult as trying to solve the Rubik’s Cube without a pair of blindfolds.

Imagine your local store has a whole section devoted to hemp. You can find hemp products as oils, snack bars, creams or socks. After buying a CBD cream to treat your painful knees you stop and wonder… Is this legal? If I use this, will it make me hungry?

You cannot grow it yourself. One day you could be dreaming up sustainable utopias, the next government officials will be knocking at your front door. Karen, the neighbor down the block, thinks you’re creating a “drug-domino.”

Truthfully, despite the fact that hemp cannabis is a “green giant” for all of the right reasons — from saving our planet by wearing t-shirts to making sure we have smooth insides like my grandpa and his morning prune juice – it’s still no easy task.

Imagine we’re at a crossroads, where history meets technology. Our eco friendly footwear is tied tightly around our ankles for a deeper dive into hemp cannabis. They say that when lemons are thrown at you, add some hemp CBD.

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