Emma Frost Underwent Plastic Surgery

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Emma Frost was a fictional woman in the X-Men Series comics. She once confessed to getting plastic surgery on the nose. Emma Frost disclosed this in New X-Men issue 18 when she was speaking with Jean Grey. In later editions of the comic book series, the formerly X-Men adversary admitted that this procedure was performed on her other body parts. However, writers of the story never revealed where. Despite the fact that Emma Frost was a recurring character in several comics, many of them focused on Emma’s childhood, her development, her teenage years, or various roles within Uncanny X-Men.

Emma Frost, as a character, was originally introduced to the world as the white queen of Hellfire Club – a group that once fought against the main X-Men under Professor Xavier. Emma Frost was able to demonstrate a variety of powers from issue one to the next, but her telepathy abilities were explored most. Emma Frost’s character, aside from the fact that her storyline involved plastic surgery and she was able control objects, read minds and telepathically. She also possessed powers to alter memory, cast illusions, induce paralysis and manipulate astral projections. She was later written so that she could shape shift into diamonds, which would grant her superhuman abilities like those of the Incredible Hulk.

Emma Frost made several cameos in the animated X-Men television series, which aired between 1992 and 1998. She was first featured in “The Phoenix Saga,” as the White King. It was almost impossible to tell the viewers about her past or her childhood. Emma Frost was at one time on the Brotherhood of X-Men. In one of her episodes, she wears Cerebro – a machine used by Professor X to create Wolverine & X-Men. Because she is a central part of the story that many filmmakers are adapting to the screen, it’s possible she will appear in future X-Men Franchise films.

Emma Frost is portrayed by Sigourney Weber in X-Men: The Last Stand, a live-action film. TahynaTozzi, a model, singer, actress and Australian, is the actor who plays Emma Frost in 2009’s film Wolverine. January Jones is a television star who portrays a key role in Mad Men. January Jones also played Emma Frost on X-Men: First Class. She and this character have a thing in common: They are both advocates of plastic surgery.

Emma Frost appears in several videogames. Emma Frost appeared in The Uncanny X-Men / X-Men Madness in Murderworld by Nintendo Entertainment system as the “White Queen”. In Marve Super Hero Squad Online’s later version, players can play Emma Frost. The game allows users to use telepathic powers against villains and turn into a diamond.

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