Double Eyelid Lift

The double eyelid, or Asian Fold Surgery is a form of Asian Eyelid Procedure that involves making an indentation to the upper lid. It is intended to enhance the appearance of natural eyes, by changing the upper eyelid shape, discover more here.

Eyelids come in many different shapes. Double-folded eyelids are not found on all lids. Imagine it as a fold on the upper edge of the eyelid platform. The fold is what gives the eyelids their definition, and both women and men prefer it. This fold makes it easier to apply makeup. This gives you a way to alter your look or improve the appearance.

Asian eyes are either double-folded or have no fold. A low-profile fold will be created by an experienced doctor to create a defined upper lid fold. The surgery is complex and involves cutting the skin of the upper eyelid, tensioning the muscles as well as creating a crease. The eyelids look the same except that you have an added upper eyelid.

The fold must look natural. It is important that the eyelids are folded symmetrically. You should also keep as much natural skin as you can. A non-specialist may have disappointing results. Some texts encourage the excessive raising of this crease. The surgeon could also lack the expertise or knowledge to perform Asian double fold surgery. Choose a surgeon with experience and skill who understands all the intricacies of double-fold surgery. It is important that they can customize their work to meet the needs of each individual. You should expect your surgeon to take care in order to improve the look of your eyes, not alter the shape of your entire face.

Finding the right surgeon is crucial if you’re looking for the most effective double-fold technique. You can achieve double folding using two methods. The surgical technique described earlier can be used first. As temporary stitches, you can use temporary sutures. However, these threads do not last long. For a more permanent improvement, choose double folds. This surgery is intended to keep Asian-like characteristics of the eyelids. The individual will have different eyelids. Because each person has unique eyes, a successful procedure must be customized.

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