Combi Ovens Have Many Advantages

Most counter-top Steamers are not boiler-less. The water is poured into the bottom section of the steamer, and it heats up with its own heating element. Connection steamers include a water line that runs from the building to the steamer. Although this type is more complicated to clean and requires extra maintenance, it will handle a lot more steam – important link.

Filtered water should have a scale inhibitor to help reduce cleanup and additional maintenance. Tap water can affect the taste of your food.

Combi Ovens

A commercial combi-oven uses either steam or convection to rapidly and efficiently cook food. Combi ovens may be more expensive than traditional ovens. However, they can be used in place of various restaurant equipment like warming or hold cabinets, fryers steamers, traditional convection and steam ovens.

Combi ovens allow you to make the most of your space and can replace any other cooking equipment.

How Many Combi Ovens Can You Support?

Most steamers come with 1-4 compartments. A one-compartment steamer can cook up to 200 meals in an hour. Because combi ovens can cook food fast and provide multiple cooking options, they are very popular in high volume settings.

Maintaining Peak Performance in Your Commercial Steamer

Use water that has a scale inhibitor. A scale inhibitor can remove minerals from tapwater. There are performance problems as well as the need for constant cleaning when minerals build up in the steamer. A variety of steamer models include an indicator light that shows when a buildup is needed to be cleaned. The minerals in unfiltered tap water can also impact the taste of steamed food.

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