Chinese Painting: Techniques

Four Gentlemen Painting

Four gentleman are shown. Each with a unique flower clicking here. The orchids, chrysanthemums and plum blossoms all represent gentlemanly moral integrity.

Painters Aquatic Life Fishes

The artists have used this subject to express how much they love the idea of a perfect, happy life.

Lotus and Colour Paintings

Lotus represents an honorable gentleman. It will give preference to styles of paintings and the history lotus art. Zhang Daqian was a contemporary painter that invented several techniques of depicting lotus.

Landscape Painting

Ancient painters used many different methods to create landscape paintings. Modeling masterpieces and sketches, as well traveling and expressing emotion were all part of the ancient painters’ methods.

The term Chinese traditional painting describes the unique art from China. It uses brushes, inksticks inkplates papers pigments and other materials for both imaginary as well as real objects. Scroll paintings, New Year images, engravings paintings, and other genres are included.

Chinese art can’t be categorized into any specific category. It’s not a scientific art. According to the tools and material, it can be divided into ink wash paintings and color-inks. It’s the same with oil painting.

Chinese art falls into different categories according to their usage, such as series pictures, New Year images, and illustrations. Chinese painting can be divided into Landscape painting and Figure Painting. The unique techniques and style make it a high-class art similar to western oils.

Chinese traditional painting can be described by its evolution over the years. In addition, they are a key part of China’s culture. Chinese art is a product of their unwavering pursuit of this ideal.

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