Celebrities Who Admitted To Plastic Surgery

There is no need to hide if you had cosmetic plastic surgery our website. Cosmetic surgeries are now quite common. The industry has also changed a lot. More people are discussing their plastic surgery experiences and plans. But when it comes celebrities, some are reluctant to acknowledge the number of cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures that they have undergone. In not revealing cosmetic enhancements to their loyal followers, celebrities are unfortunately setting unrealistic standards of beauty. Hence, we salute those few celebrities who admit to cosmetic enhancements.

George Clooney was the first celebrity to admit that they had undergone plastic surgery. The Hollywood hunk holds the title as the sexiest men alive for several seasons now. It is amazing that he admitted having work done to his eyes some years back. Julia Roberts asked him about plastic surgery for Oprah Winfrey’s Oscars Special, 2007. George Clooney has always been a person who would have been able to get away without admitting cosmetic enhancements. It would not have been possible to tell that George Clooney had undergone any kind of cosmetic surgery. But he still chose to admit that he has had work done. This shows how confident and comfortable he is with himself. George Clooney has to be among the most loved celebrities worldwide.

Sharon Osbourne. Her fans might not like her most recent round of cosmetic procedures, but the judge from America’s Got Talent is always open about every type of plastic surgery procedure she has had. Sharon Osbourne was one of the rare celebrities to be open about cosmetic surgery. Her appearance has changed dramatically. In fact, she has performed the best possible cosmetic surgery. And everyone thinks that her appearance is beautiful.

Heidi Montag (no matter if you love her or dislike her, her transparency about cosmetic surgeries is admirable. Considering the number of plastic surgeries Heidi Montag has had, many would argue she cannot hide them. This is especially true since her entire appearance looks very different. Heidi Montag may have spoilt her appeal by having too many cosmetic procedures, but she has not stopped. She is rumored to be planning more in the future.

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