Bathtubs Refinished? How to maintain their look

You can save money by refinishing your damaged tub learn more here, rather than purchasing a completely new model. The reglazing of a bathtub covers all rusted areas, chips, cracks and scratches in the tub. Also, any weak spots or cuts made by the plumber are covered. The bathtub must be left for 48 hours after refinishing. It is important to wait 48 hours before using the bathtub after it has been refinished.

After the initial waiting period, when the tub is ready to be used again, do not clutter the ledges up with soap bottles and bar soaps. If the water is trapped on top of the tub for an extended period, it can cause the glazing to erode. You can buy holders that hang inside the bathtub and shower. The holders allow you to store your shampoos and detergents in a convenient location without damaging your bathtub’s finish. Another source of moisture is the bathmats or wet towels that hang from the sides and top of bathtubs.

You should not use abrasive cleaners on a freshly finished tub surface, even though it is essential to maintain its appearance. You can use non-abrasive foam, liquid, or gel cleaners on porcelain and fiberglass. Cleaning your tub regularly can prevent the accumulation scum. If there aren’t any dirt marks, regular cleaning can help remove the soapy film. Use a nylon scrubber or a soft plastic scrub brush to remove soap film without damaging surfaces. The oily residue from the bathtub can be cleaned with a non-abrasive, cheap shampoo.

It is possible that the finish can be slick. If this happens, choose a bathmat that doesn’t suction. The suction pads at the bottom may damage the surface of the mat. Even ones that don’t have suction cups shouldn’t stay in the tub too long. After every use, remove them from the tub.

You should repair any leaky faucets right away. Water drips can quickly wear the tub surface down and leave mineral deposits.

Here are some easy tips to refinishing an old bathtub. You can refinish tubs made of porcelain or fiberglass, as well the shower enclosures. If you want to get high-quality products, look for remodeling companies that offer a service guarantee.

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