A Closer Look at Cosmetic Surgery

Doctors and medical professionals in India began using skin transplants for the reconstruction of human skin patches as early as 8th century BC. India began using skin grafts in the 8th century BC, visit website.

Susrutha a ancient Indian surgeon made the world’s first documented construction of a nasal. This was either a piece or a very small portion of his forehead. At that time the Indian law of old punished amputations of the nose.

Over a thousand years later, the Romans also used the same technique to fix their ears. In Europe the Dr Heinrich von Pfolspeundt did a simple surgery by cutting back the skin on the arm and sewing it into place.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, plastic surgery became more and more popular. Prior to the 19th century, plastic surgery received a negative reputation.

John Peter Mettauer from America was America’s very first plastic surgery. His first plastic surgery was a cleft pallet operation in 1827. The materials and operation he designed were his.

Sir Harold Gillies, the father of modern medicine has often been referred to as “the father”. Ses work helped invent a range of techniques that are now used for modern plastic surgery. He focused his attention on facial wounds that were sustained during World War I.

What exactly is plastic surgery

The term “plastic” refers to the treatment of any procedure performed either manually or with instruments, for functional or aesthetic purposes.

‘Plastic’ is derived from the Greek word plastikos. This means mold or form.

There are basically two major fields or areas in plastic surgery. Plastic surgery has two distinct fields.

o Reconstructive plastic surgery. The field of plastic surgery that deals with masking, repairing and reversing damages on the skin or elsewhere in the body. The cosmetic procedure of grafting flaps from afar or locally over the deformity to repair it. This surgery involves the transfer of tissues from a different part on the body.

Cosmetic or aesthetic plastic surgery is the most common type of procedure performed today. Sometimes it is done to correct or alter facial or bodily features the patients find undesirable or unflattering. Some of these surgeries are breast implants or reductions.

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